board of directors


Nikolay savchuk (managing partner, torrey pines investment)

1994, Master of Science, Department of Applied Physics and Mathematics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, Russia.
2000, PhD, Department of Applied Physics and Mathematics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, Russia.
Dr. Savchuk is the author of over 100 scientific publications. He frequently presented at numerous international conferences, including the American Chemical Society Meetings, Society of Biomolecular Screening, World Vaccine Congress, Open Innovations Summit, BIO International Convention, Pharmaceutical Strategic Alliances and other industrial, scientific and trading events.

Dr. Savchuk is the CEO of ChemDiv, Inc. (San Diego, CA) and Managing Partner at Torrey Pines Investment (San Diego, CA), Member of the Board of Directors at ChemRar High Tech Center (Moscow, Russia) and Chairman of the Board of Directors of its companies: Chemical Diversity Research Institute, Viriom, NewVac, TeaRx, and SatRx.

Dr. Savchuk is a member of U.S.-Russian Bilateral Presidential Commission's Working Group on Public Health, a member of the expert council of the Strategic Initiatives Agency of the Russian government; Member of the Board of the "Northern" BioPharm Cluster at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT); Co-founder and member of the Advisory Board of an innovative regional cluster "PhysTech 21"; Director for Strategic Development of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).

Dr. Savchuk was a co-founder of the Inel Group of IT and media companies in Singapore and Russia, and is managing a number of its companies. 
Dr. Savchuk's main interest is life sciences including rational drug design, drug discovery and digital health technologies. Dr. Savchuk led and continues to manage successful investments in pharmaceutical and drug development companies. 


ronald demuth (venture partner, torrey pines investment)

Mr. Demuth is the President and Venture Partner of Torrey Pines Investment, responsible for the company's strategic investments. Prior to Torrey Pines Investment, he worked as a General Manager of Integrated Genomics, leading its M&A strategy, and in several roles at the University of Chicago, including administrating an Arch Venture corporation. Mr. Demuth has 30 years of research and management experience in the international life science industry and academia.


Master’s degree in Public and Private Management from Yale University.
Mr. Lawlor is the Managing Partner of HealthCare Ventures LLC, where he has worked for over 17 years, and a board member of numerous life science companies. Before joining HealthCare Ventures, Mr. Lawlor served as Vice President of Corporate Development & Chief Financial Officer, and later as Chief Operating Officer, at LeukoSite, Inc. Prior to that, Mr. Lawlor was the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Corporate Development at Alpha-Beta Technology, and held similar positions at BioSurface Technology and Armstrong Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Earlier, he was working for KPMG as a management consultant.