Viriom Expands Global Licensing Agreement with Roche for Innovative HIV Treatment Compound Development

Moscow, Russia, November 19, 2013 – Today, at the 4th annual Adam Smith Forum on "Innovative Drug Research and Development in Russia" Viriom LLC. - a member of ChemRar group of companies - announced a global expansion of Viriom’s commercial rights to VM-1500, an innovative Roche candidate NNRTI (non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor). In 2009, Viriom acquired a regional license from Roche for development and manufacturing of VM-1500 in Russia and CIS. Under the amendment Viriom receives exclusive global rights to develop and commercialize VM-1500 for all therapeutic indications and in all drug combinations.

Viriom has completed preclinical studies and early clinical trials of VM-1500 safety and efficacy, and is engaged in advanced international clinical trials of fixed and variable drug combinations of VM-1500.

Early clinical results to date demonstrated superiority of VM-1500 over existing treatments in the same class in terms of efficacy against HIV-1, including mutants, resistant to other NNRTIs. The investigational drug demonstrated a good safety and tolerability profile as well as favorable pharmacokinetic properties in healthy volunteers and in patients with chronic HIV-1 infection under a single-dose and repeated oral dosing. Currently, VM-1500 offers the potential to be the best in class NNRTI for HIV/AIDS.

Milos Petrovic, Head of Roche Representative Office in Russia, says, “We are satisfied with the results achieved, which prove that we have made the right decision by choosing Viriom as a partner for the development of an innovative anti-HIV drug. In general, we see the international cooperation between Roche and Viriom as an example of successful partnership of two biotechnological companies focused on finding new approaches to treatment of the most complicated, socially important diseases. We believe that this prospective product has a great future and that it will help increase access to the modern differentiated therapies for patients in Russia and in other countries.”

Nikolay Savchuk, Chairman of the Board at Viriom and Board Member of ChemRar High-Tech Center commented, “I am pleased to note that Viriom’s pioneering experience in technology transfer of an innovative therapy gained a significant scientific validation and support in the framework of Pharma 2020 program in Russia. As a result, Viriom obtained full further support from ChemRar and Roche. We are very satisfied with the Roche-ChemRar partnership, which is a critical step in the process of modernization of the Russian healthcare system, expanding accessibility to modern therapies for treatment and prevention, as well as reducing mortality rates and increasing the quality of life.”


According to data from WHO and UNICEF, HIV remains one of the major global public health problems. Over the last three decades the virus has claimed over 25 million lives. In 2011, about 34 million people were estimated to be living with HIV. This fact shows that the HIV pandemic is one of the deadliest epidemics in human history.

The most affected region is Africa, south of Sahara, where almost one in twenty adults has HIV. In this region 69% of people live with HIV. There is no cure against HIV infection but, with the use of an effective antiretroviral treatment, it is possible to control the virus, allowing people with HIV to have healthy and productive lives. In 2012, antiretroviral therapy (ART) was received by more than 9.7 million people living with HIV. Despite the measures taken, the scale of the HIV epidemic in Russia has not been reduced and, as of November 2012, 703 thousand people were officially registered as living with HIV (source 

About Viriom

Viriom Ltd. is a member of ChemRar group of companies involved in developing innovative antiviral drugs and combinations, treatment methods, and diagnostics. Viriom conducts scientific research in Russia, tapping into the experience and knowledge of Russian scientists, and abroad within the framework of a broad international partnership. The ChemDiv Research Institute is Viriom's major partner in pre-clinical and clinical research. Clinical studies within Russia are conducted at regional centers and on campus of the Moscow City Center for Preventing and Treating AIDS. Among Viriom’s international partners are Roche, Fox Chase Cancer Center (Philadelphia, PA), The Scripps Research Institute (San Diego, CA), Moscow Physics and Technology Institute, and M.P. Chumakov Institute for Poliomyelitis and Viral Encephalitis (Moscow, Russia). The "Viriom" project was approved by the Presidential Commission on Modernization of the Russian Federation.

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