Viriom Selects ChemDiv to Develop HIV Program

San Diego, CA - October 19th, 2009.

ChemDiv, Inc. (ChemDiv) of San Diego has proudly announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Chemical Diversity Research Institute (CDRI) of Moscow, Russia, was chosen by Viriom Ltd. (Viriom) of Moscow, Russia, as a service partner in developing innovative HIV compounds. The program includes pre-clinical and clinical studies, which are expected to begin in 2010.

Viriom has recently signed a license agreement with Roche, under the terms of which Roche granted Viriom development and commercialization rights for potential novel HIV/AIDS medicine in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Subject to performance of the program, Viriom will also receive license fees, development milestones and royalties on worldwide sales.

Vadim Bichko, Vice President, Virology at ChemDiv, Inc. said, “We are excited about this new collaboration with Viriom and Roche. These novel HIV inhibitors have shown excellent antiviral properties in vitro, good bioavailability, PK and safety profiles, as well as a high barrier to resistance. Based on the recent pre-clinical studies, these molecules have the potential to become best in class HIV drugs.”

About HIV/AIDS: Epidemiological burden

According to the UN United program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and the WHO, 25 million people died from AIDS between 1981 and 2006. Therefore, the HIV pandemic is one of the most deadly epidemics in the history of mankind.

The HIV epidemic in the Russian Federation continues to grow. According to the 2008 Report on the global AIDS epidemic, the actual number of people living with HIV in Russia at the end of 2007 could be as high as 940,000 [estimated range from 630,000 to 1.3 million] (2008 Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic. UNAIDS).

According to the latest official statistics of the Federal AIDS Centre of the Russian Federation, as of June 30, 2009 there are 494,074 HIV cases registered in Russia among country citizens (, number of newly registered cases reached 55,247 cases per year. The total number of people who died with the diagnosis of AIDS during the entire period of reporting was 5,422.

About Viriom Ltd.

Viriom Ltd. is an innovative company that was established in 2009 to develop targeted medicines for HIV/AIDS. Its basis is ChemRar Center of High Technologies with which Viriom is affiliated. Viriom is planning to conduct research and clinical trials in Russia tapping into experience and knowledge of Russian scientists. Chemical Diversity Research Institute, Prudentas Ltd. and Drug Technologies Ltd. of ChemRar High-Tech Center (ChemRar), as well as Moscow City Center for Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS were selected as partners for this program.

About ChemDiv, Inc.

ChemDiv collaborates with pharmaceutical and biotech partners by enabling them to accelerate their R&D programs to higher value clinical inflection points. ChemDiv provides integrated drug discovery, extracting value from potential therapeutic candidates via rapid, streamlined outcomes and effective use of capital.

ChemDiv is the only vertically and horizontally integrated discovery and development CRO headquartered in San Diego, CA, with unique access to Eastern European emerging pharma market, rational drug design and medicinal chemistry in a broad range of therapeutic areas of target classes, as well as world’s largest small molecule inventory, that is working with top 20 pharma and top 100 biotechs in all major markets.

With its successful 20 year business record in life sciences and over 500 research associates equivalent employed globally, ChemDiv has successfully carried out fully integrated programs from target to Proof of Concept (POC) and market registration.

About Chemical Diversity Research Institute

CDRI is a contract research organization focused on pre-clinical and clinical R&D. CDRI sees its mission in enabling discovery and development of innovative therapies for unmet needs utilizing highest expertise and innovation potential of Russian scientists with integrated external R&D solutions of Discovery outSource™ platforms. Discovery outSource™ platform solutions cover the complete range of disciplines from identification of a biological target (protein expression, assay development, etc.) to clinical drug candidates (ADME/DMPK, toxicity and safety studies, in vivo animal models, drug formulation, etc.), to drug candidate development (Phase I to Phase IV).

About ChemRar High-Tech Center

ChemRar High-Tech Center is a unique pharma and biotechnology conglomerate built in Moscow, Russian Federation, comprised of highly innovative life science R&D organizations, focused on discovering, developing and commercializing novel drugs for partners in Russia and worldwide. It sees its mission in bringing novel therapies for treating CNS, oncology, cardiovascular, metabolic and infectious diseases by using novel post-genomic technology platforms.

Contact for ChemDiv:

Ronald Demuth
SVP & General Manager,
6605 Nancy Ridge Drive,  San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: (858) 794-4860; Fax: (858)794-4931,

Contact for Viriom:

Irina Tyrnova COO
Rabochaya 2a/1, Khimki, Moscow,
Russia 141400
Phone: +7-495-995-4944