Viriom Successfully Completes Clinical Safety Trial with Novel NNRTI

Viriom successfully completes clinical safety trial with novel NNRTI, advances to efficacy studies in HIV-infected patients and to development of HIV microbicide formulation

Moscow, Russia, June 21, 2011 – Viriom, a biotech company, member of ChemRar High-Tech Center, Khimki, Moscow, Russia, announced today a successful completion of phase I clinical trials of the novel NNRTI treatment for HIV.

Phase I clinical studies, conducted by Viriom in the Research Center for Preventive Medicines in Moscow, confirmed that the oral drug, VM-1500, was safe and well-tolerated, no serious adverse effects were observed. The results of the Phase I study allow the company to advance to the clinical efficacy studies on HIV-infected patients. Viriom is also developing a topical gel formulation for VM-1500 to lower the incidence of sexually-transmitted HIV.

“We are very pleased with the results of the clinical studies to date”, said Dr. Vadim Bichko, ChemDiv’s VP and Head, Infectious Diseases, who leads the HIV program for Viriom in San Diego and Moscow. “Besides good safety and tolerability, VM-1500 had shown unique pharmacokinetic properties in humans, and has a potential of becoming the best drug in its class."

Viriom also plans to conduct clinical trials to study the microbicidal effectiveness of VM-1500 drug. The ability of the topical gel formulation of the drug to lower the frequency of sexually transmitted HIV infection will be studied as well. If the effectiveness of the drug is confirmed, VM-1500 will help to curb AIDS epidemic in developing countries in Africa and around the globe.

Viriom is supported by the Presidential Commission for Modernization of the Russian Federation, and the funds from the second round of its financing will be used to complete development, registration and manufacturing of novel antivirals in Russia and other countries. “The continuing support of the Commission allows us to build on success of our early development program and expand it, broadening its clinical impact,” said Irina Tyrnova, Viriom’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are very appreciative of the Russian government’s aid in developing innovative medicines for HIV.”

Media Contact:
Irina Tyrnova
CEO, Viriom LLC

About Viriom

Viriom Ltd. is an innovative company established in 2009 at ChemRar High-Tech Center in Moscow, Russia, focused on discovering and developing novel targeted medicines for HIV/AIDS treatment. Viriom has been licensed by Roche to develop and commercialize novel NNRTI drugs.

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A not-for-profit organization (NFPO), ChemRar High-Tech Center is a unique pharma and biotechnology conglomerate built in Moscow, Russian Federation, that comprises highly innovative life science R&D organizations focused on discovering, developing and commercializing novel drugs for partners in Russia and worldwide. We bring novel therapies for treating CNS, oncology, cardiovascular, metabolic and infectious diseases.