About Viriom

Viriom Inc. is a late clinical-stage company developing antivirals for HIV treatment and prevention. Viriom's main goal is to combat HIV resistance and radically broaden global access to HIV therapy by developing simplified yet effective treatments.


Viriom aims at development of innovative and effective alternatives to current antiviral treatments capable of improving patient outcomes around the globe. Viriom Inc. has reduced its business risk by targeting registrations and launches in developing markets (CIS, Asia, Africa, Latin America), where the cost of development to registration is 15% of that in the developed markets and accelerated registration can be achieved with a breakthrough medicine that has pharmacoeconomic advantages. Widespread development activities and early market access in these regions, targeting both hospital and over-the-counter market segments with drugs that provide treatment as well as pre-exposure and post-exposure prophylaxis, can help facilitate registration and commercialization in developed markets (USA, Western Europe, Japan).